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Math- Counting 1- File Folder Game- Count the Dots- Numbers 1-5- BLACK Dots

ELZ- File Folder Game- Counting 1- Black Dots- 1-5Here is the Count the Dots- Numbers 1-5 file folder game, using black dots!

Playing this game is a great way to teach your very young children how to count to 5. Help your child learn to count by pointing to each dot and counting along with them, and then help them place each circle with dots on the corresponding number.

ELZ- File Folder Game- Counting 1- Black Dots 1-5 – Page 1 of 3

ELZ- File Folder Game- Counting 1- Black Dots 1-5 – Page 2 of 3

ELZ- File Folder Game- Counting 1- Black Dots 1-5 – Page 3 of 3


  • Print all 3 pages
  • Glue title page to the outside of a blank file folder
  • Cut out the number circles and glue them to the inside of the file folder
  • Cut out the circles with dots
  • To play, have your child count the dots, then match the dots to the correct number!
  • When storing, I usually paperclip the loose pieces directly to the file folder
  • Note: I highly recommend laminating the circles with dots (if you have the ability to do so) when working with younger children!

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