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Language Arts- Word Families 3- File Folder Game- Camping Word Families

ELZ- File Folder Game- Word Families 3- Camping

Here is the Camping Word Families file folder game!

Play this game to help increase reading, rhyming, and word family skills, as well as, beginning spelling!

ELZ- File Folder Game- Word Families 3- Camping- Page 1 of 5

ELZ- File Folder Game- Word Families 3- Camping- Page 2 of 5

ELZ- File Folder Game- Word Families 3- Camping- Page 3 of 5

ELZ- File Folder Game- Word Families 3- Camping- Page 4 of 5

ELZ- File Folder Game- Word Families 3- Camping- Page 5 of 5


  • Print all 5 pages
  • Cut out and glue title box to the outside of a blank file folder- or peel and stick, if you’ve printed the pages onto blank sticker paper. *Scroll down to read, “My Big Tip,” to learn more about using sticker paper
  • Cut out and save “stickers” from page 1 for later use, which is also explained in, “My Big Tip“- just scroll down to read more
  • Cut out and glue, or peel and stick, the tents to the inside of the file folder
  • Cut out the lanterns
  • To play, have your child match the lanterns to the correct word family tent!
  • When storing, I usually paperclip the loose pieces directly to the file folder
  • Note: I highly recommend laminating the lanterns (if you have the ability to do so) when working with younger children! They will last infinitely longer this way :)

My BIG tip:

  • I like to print pages 1, 2, and 3 onto matte, blank sticker paper! That way, all I have to do is a little cutting, then peel and stick everything to the file folder in 2.0 seconds! NO GLUE AT ALL….yay!! This way saves me A LOT of time, and A LOT of effort!! Plus, the FFG (File Folder Game) is more likely to survive my kids who like to peel the glued pieces off of the folders. :) Also, once I started using sticker paper, I started creating a small “sticker” section on the title pages, or “page 1,” of my FFGs. You or your child can cut out each sticker, peel and stick (or glue them, if using regular paper), and either decorate the game, or do what I like to do- I let my daughters pick out one sticker after they’ve complete the game- then they place it on the outside of the folder, under the title area. This is not only fun for them (really, what kid doesn’t LOVE stickers?), but I get to keep track of how many times they’ve played each game! If you have more than one child using it, it may be helpful to put each child’s name on the outside, and they can place the stickers next to their names. Believe me, try it once and you’ll never want to use glue again!

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and let me know how you like it! :)



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