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ABCs- Alphabet, Vowels, & Blank- Autumn Leaves

ELZ- ABCs- Alphabet, Vowels, & Blank- Leaves

Here are the Uppercase and Lowercase ABCs, and Uppercase and Lowercase Vowels, all on Autumn Leaves!

Use these printables to teach your little ones the uppercase and lowercase alphabets, as well as the vowels, A, E, I, O U, and sometimes, Y! :) Also, you can use the letters for older children and their weekly spelling lists! Once a week I like to switch it up and have my kids use these letters to spell words, instead of writing out their whole list. It’s a fun change, and a nice break for them. I think your child will enjoy it, because mine sure do. And we all know that when kids enjoy learning, it will stay with them forever!

ABC Game and Learning ideas:

  1. Easier Letter Matching-

    Print and cut out 2 copies of the Uppercase Alphabet, and have your child match the A to the A, the B to the B, etc. You can do the same with the lowercase alphabet- print and cut out 2 copies and match the a to a, b to b, and so on.

  2. Harder Letter Matching-

    Print and cut out 1 copy of the full uppercase and lowercase alphabets and match them together. Example- A to a, B to b, C to c…

  3. Memory Game-

    Make the matching game harder by turning it into a matching memory game! Start small and pick out only a few matches, for instance, 2 letter As, 2 Bs, 2 Cs, and 2 Ds. Flip the leaves over to the blank side, so you can no longer see the letters, and then take turns flipping the cards over 2 at a time, trying to match the letters. Help your child and be sure to keep the game fun and positive. After your child can easily match 4 letters, try 8, then 12, and up, and you can eventually work your way to using the whole alphabet! Also, I suggest beginning with only uppercase letters, then doing the same with only lowercase letters. The most difficult way to play would be to match the uppercase to the lowercase letters.

  4. File Folder Game-

    Make a File Folder Game for letter matching! In addition to printing the links below, click on and print the 2 pages from this link also– ELZ- ABCs- Uppercase Alphabet- Black Letters . Then, glue the 2 pages (no need to cut) to the inside of a blank file folder. Cut out the leaf letters and have your child match the letters to the alphabet on the inside of the file folder.

  5. Spelling Games-

    Use the letters for spelling games!  Start with easy, 3 letter words, and then work your way up. Easier- Write a spelling word or your child’s name on a whiteboard, chalkboard, or a sheet of paper, and have your child copy it with the cut out leaf letters. Harder- Give your child an oral spelling list, one word at a time, and have them spell out their words with the leaf letters. ***I have also included several blank leaves, which can be labeled with a marker if you need extra letters. For example, if you wanted your child to spell “seasons,” you would need 3 copies of the letter “s.” So, you would either need to print extra copies of the whole alphabet, or you could just label 2 more blank leaves with an “s” on each. I highly recommend laminating all of the leaves, and then you can label the blank ones with a wet-erase/dry-erase marker. That way, you can change the letters as needed! Btw, I prefer to use wet-erase markers, because the ink won’t smear until you use a wipe to clean it.

Use your imagination and come up with your own fun game! Leave a comment and let me know what alphabet games your family likes to play! :)

ELZ- ABCs- Uppercase Alphabet, Vowels, & Blank- Leaves- Page 1 of 2

ELZ- ABCs- Uppercase Alphabet, Vowels, & Blank- Leaves- Page 2 of 2

ELZ- ABCs- Lowercase Alphabet, Vowels, & Blank- Leaves- Page 1 of 2

ELZ- ABCs- Lowercase Alphabet, Vowels, & Blank- Leaves- Page 2 of 2



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